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I realized this morning that over the past few years, ever since moving to the mountains of North Carolina, I’ve surrounded myself with special places; places that nurture my heart and soul.  I had this thought while enjoying one of these places, the deck of my home which extends around the second story and gives a tranquil view of our front yard including the creek that meanders its way through our property.

Most people might not think of a deck as a special spiritual spot, but I do.  Especially when I remember back to the deck in Greensboro, that also overlooked a meandering stream.  That deck and stream received very little of my attention because I was too busy working at my veterinary practice to pay for it, but this one is my second office during much of the year.

But it’s more than just an office.  I start most of my days in quiet reflection and meditation on this deck, arising early so I can enjoy the tranquil awakening of the day and the mild temperatures left over from the mountain night.  Those early mornings are precious food for my soul, and a much better way to awaken then punching a snooze alarm over and over.

After an hour or so on my deck my dog, Maggie McGee, and I often go to Bonclarken Lake just a stone throw from my home.  Bonclarken is a retreat center across the street, and they’ve been nice enough to provide me with a beautiful lake, complete with a jogging track around it.  There I continue my time of quiet reflection with a walking meditation as I create my day and who I will be for the day.  It goes something like this:

Good morning Mother-Father God, Infinite Universe.  I come at this moment to co-create who I am and that who I am is who I say I am into the listening of the Universe.  And who I say I am is the possibility of all people living purposeful, passionate lives of service, mindful and abundant simplicity and spiritual serenity.   This is who I am.

And I rest knowing that as I live true to this purpose I’ve said myself to be, the entire Universe provides amply, abundantly and in perfect timing all the resources necessary for the ongoing expression and fulfillment of this purpose. My job, first and foremost, continues to live true to this purpose I’ve said myself to be.  In so doing, I become a magnetizing force attracting to me all the necessary resources.

I am also creative and innovative in identifying and recognizing all these resources in all their many different forms.

Once recognized, I utilized the resources wisely and mindfully in the ongoing expression and fulfillment of this life purpose and through this purpose the Divine plan and design of the Universe.

It’s never quite the same but that’s the jest of it.  It’s usually fairly easy to get in touch with the magnificence of being alive walking around Bonclarken Lake.  I’m often kept company by a flock of Canadian geese, or a turtle or two sticking their head out of the water, or Maggie will scare up a rabbit to chase through the tall grass in the nearby field.  A few days ago I Blue Herring visited the lake.  Such companionship makes it hard to stay stuck in most daily worries for long.

But on those rare occasions that I do get stuck in worry, survival mode, I have one other special place — Jump Off Rock.  It’s not quite as close as my deck or the lake, but it’s well worth the short drive up Laurel Mountain.  There, at the end of a concrete highway that was built during Roosevelt’s presidency, is a small park with a breathtaking view of three states; North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

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